Our Core Business is Creating Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions for Large American Companies

RPD Energy’s innovative Renewable Energy Products are Unlike Any on the Market and are Customized for Your Business

Customers and prospects consistently tell us what they need to make a renewable solution work for them:

“Real renewable solutions that make a difference and don’t just shift around paper credits”

“A meaningful offer that is price competitive”

“Practical solutions that don’t require a 12-15 year commitment and resources that we don’t have”

This means the market needs a better solution than complex PPA structures that shift risk to buyers, or REC only solutions that provide limited connection to supporting renewable power.


RPD Energy creates solutions that combine the benefits of a PPA with the flexibility of RECs

Renewable Generation

We identify renewable generation that is close to the site that will be consuming the power.

Innovative Solutions

We create a solution that allows the buyer to contract for a portion of the generation rather than the whole unit output.

Flexible Contracts

We offer flexible contract lengths, typically 3-7 years.

Custom Price Structures

We design price structures that look like any other retail energy product.

The Result

Our approach creates an auditable contract and scheduling path for both the physical energy from “your” site and provides assurance that a much higher percentage of your utility spend is directly supporting “your” generator.

Find out more by contacting us to see how easy and affordable the right sized renewable energy solution for you can be.

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