About RPD Energy

RPD Energy Facilitates the Sourcing, Contracting and Delivery of Renewable Energy for Top U.S. Businesses

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Our Mission

We Help Top U.S. Companies Achieve Their Renewable Energy Goals

RPD Energy provides innovative solutions for companies seeking to meet sustainability goals through renewable energy contracting. We remain true to our original vision by creating more flexible, easier to execute solutions than traditional options available in the marketplace.

Finding Better Alternatives

Our vision is to drive higher demand for renewable energy by making it accessible to a broader spectrum of buyers.

Traditional structures are complex, full of hard-to-understand risks, and are basically designed to meet the needs of generators and financiers rather than corporate buyers. Most companies need just a small portion of the renewable generator’s output and don’t have the risk appetite for 15-20 year contracts.  Because of this need, we also offer 5-10 year standard retail contracts.

Buying RECs is the easiest way to support a 100% renewable energy claim, but companies serious about sustainability have begun to question the lack of definable impact from REC purchases. We offer regional renewable energy solutions where physical renewable energy has a known source.

RPD Energy addresses the customer’s critical questions:

  1. Where is my green power coming from?
  2. What makes it green?
  3. What impact does my purchase have?
  4. What claims can I make to meet stakeholder objectives?

Delivering many renewable energy products including short-term (5-10 year) retail contracts utilizing regional physical renewable energy solutions.

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Bold, Innovative, Experienced

Pioneering new ways to deliver renewable energy that works for customers requires collaboration and a strong knowledge of both the wholesale and retail markets.

Our Team and our Board provide the experience and vision to drive change and leverage market tools in new ways to deliver on the promise of our mission.