Case Study: Intuit
Real Commitment – No Compromises

The Challenge

Intuit has a strong commitment to carbon reduction strategies, and their new headquarters campus in Mountain View, California, is a showplace for that commitment. The newest building includes an on-site solar project that provides a portion of its power, but Intuit needed an additional renewable power solu-tion to round out its strategy.

The Solution

First, we listened. Then, together we went to work to provide Intuit with a solution that fit their criteria:

  1. Energy sourced from a local renewable energy generator
  2. California Category 1 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs bundled with generation)
  3. A competitive price for an 8 year term
  4. Full requirements balancing and load shaping through a Retail Electric Supplier

From RPD’s network of generation partners, we selected the Buena Vista Wind Farm, which is owned and operated by Leeward Renewable Energy. The facility is located within 50 miles of Mountain View and is connected to the same regional electric grid (CAISO) as Intuit’s campus.

RPD then worked with Just Energy (through its California subsidiary, Commerce Energy) to provide wholesale scheduling and retail balancing services. The transaction was structured to meet the wholesale requirements of the generator, while using a standard retail electric supply contract for Intuit.

Intuit receives retail pricing for the energy, as well as the Category 1 concurrent RECs produced from the power being generated locally by the Buena Vista Wind Farm.

The Bottom Line

This innovative structure developed by RPD creates an auditable contract and scheduling path from the renewable generator to Intuit’s new headquarters. Electricity is delivered to Intuit via the local utility’s distribution system, but each megawatt hour Intuit consumes (over and above its solar production) is supported by the physical renewable wind power from the Buena Vista Wind Farm along with the Category 1 concurrent Renewable Energy Credits.


  • Intuit has a right-sized “slice” of renewable generation
  • Intuit is contractually linked to a local wind farm without the complexity, risk and long term commitment of a PPA
  • Intuit has direct access to renewable energy at a competitive price for use in meeting their overall sustainability objectives
  • Intuit does not assume any risk from variable wind output
  • Leeward Energy receives a new channel to the corporate energy market that complements its strategy for providing Buena Vista with consistent and reliable off take of its production

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