Can Companies Secure Renewable Energy Contracts Without a PPA?

RPD Energy sources physical renewable energy and concurrent RECs from a local generator to deliver sustainability benefits using a standard retail energy contract and without the risk of a traditional PPA. Our comprehensive and flexible solutions meet all environmental reporting agency protocols and make it possible to buy local, physical renewable energy without having to sign up for an entire wind or solar farm.

What Type of Contracts are offered from RPD Energy?

We offer shorter, streamlined contracts with more flexibility and less risk than traditional long-term PPAs.

Does RPD Energy offer 24/7 CFE Solutions?

Yes, to maximize your sustainability impact, we can also match your hourly energy demand with renewable generation. We use cutting edge forecasting and analytics and strong supply relationships to construct an optimized generation profile from multiple renewable energy sources that will track your forecasted load.

Are RPD Energy’s Solutions Affordable?

Yes, you can achieve your Energy sustainability goals on budget from simple physical renewable power to complex hourly load matching. Our extensive knowledge of the renewable energy value chain delivers your solution cost-effectively to meet your energy sustainability goals. With the expertise of RPD and our expanding network, you are in good hands.

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